This is my links page, and will be updated periodically, as new nature links come to my attention., Randy Emmitt's great page devoted to Nature photography.

The Nature Notebook This is a great site of a fellow who really does not want to call himself a Naturalist, but does a fine job anyway. Mostly about Western NC.

 The Nature Net.  The Nature Net at GardenWeb has great foruns and Audubon prints on line.

 The Nature Conservancy.  Go here for Nature Conservancy news. Also some great news groups.

Butterflies and Moths  This a great page with butterfly and moth photos for identification purposes.

Bird ID Page  A great page put out by the US Geological Survey.

 Highway 61.  My favorite search engine. A meta search, searches several engines at once.

Appalachian Man's Home page. This guy is from the Appalachians, and is an interesting character.

The Herp and Bluebird page. This page is about frogs and suchlike, and has some interesting info about Bluebirds.

Natural History of Orange County California This is a wonderful page dealing with Orange County California. This sort of thing is much needed in our world today.

The Nature Center for Western North Carolina. A wonderful place to visit, and a very nice web site.

Amhibian and Reptile ID Page. A wonderful page put out by the Northern Prarie Center, covers all Amphibians in the US.