Forums and Mailing Lists

 Carolina Ponds  A forum for pond gardeners in the Carolinas. A great group of folks, and the first forum I set up.

 Carolina Ponds List  A mailing list for pond lovers. This page also has a gallery of photos, and a link to a chat room.

 Water Turtles  A forum for people who keep aquatic turtles, originally North American ones, but the forum and the list now have a worldwide patronage.


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  The list that goes with the above forum. A very active list, and a great group. Several posts a day. Southeastern Odonates  Sounds wierd, huh? Well, it is all about Dragonflies and their relatives the Damselflies, called Odonata by the crazy scientists. A great mailing list for the professional and amateur alike.

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Carolina Naturalist This list was set up for Nature lovers in the Carolinas. Has not seen a lot of use, so please join!

Eastern Snakes Forum A place for people to post snake questions, and to record observations. Primarily for the Eastern US.

All of these lists and forums I set up myself, and try to moderate to the best of my ability. There are a couple of others I belong to:
 Carolina Birds This list is run by Will Cook, out of Duke University. Just click on the name. When your e-mail program opens, do not put in a subject, and type in the message area "subscribe carolinabirds" (without the quotes) and your e-mail address. Make sure the message is in plain text.

 Carolina Leps This is about butterflies and moths, and subscribing is the same as above, just put in "carolinaleps".