Fishing in Western North Carolina
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        Whether you are a trout fisherman, bass fisherman, panfish lover, or you go for Walleyes or Yellow Perch, we have it here in WNC. There are several good or excellent lakes in this area, and many fine rivers. I will share some of my favorites, and some of the methods for catching fish in them in these pages.


    There are a number of licenses, and the fees change from year to year, so I will not show any prices. The best way to find out is to call the toll free number in Raleigh. Right now, there are short term licenses for visitors to the area, and yearly licenses for folks who want to fish more often. Remember, the non-resident licenses cost more than resident. (We pay state taxes.) Licenses can be gotten at many places; K-Mart and Wal-Mart to name a couple. Remember, if you fish for Trout, you will need a Trout License for any Designated Mountain Trout Water, and a Gamelands permit for fishing on any NCWRC Gameland. Best bet is to buy a Comprehensive license, or a Sportsman's if you plan to hunt.

 Trout fishing